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Ok, moms and dads…

Your trees are up and decorated, your homes are sparkling with evergreens and twinkle lights, and your kids are getting cuter by the minute as they wait for Santa to come.  You know exactly how to capture all that holiday magic with your amazing DSLR, right?

Wait!  What was that?  You’re not getting all the beautiful, creative photographs that you’ve been dreaming of this Christmas?  The tricky lighting of your tree paired with your children’s constant Christmas-cookie-sugar-high makes it hard for you to get that perfect shot? : )

Have no fear, snap-happy parents!!!  If you’ve got a DSLR and you’re struggling to use it for all that it’s worth this holiday season, come check out this extra-fun little posing guide we’ve got over at SugarSnappers, our online store for photographers and parents with DSLRs.  

 This posing guide consists of a set of 17 beautiful and unique 4×6 pose cards, which can be downloaded instantly and printed anywhere that you’d print your own 4×6 images.  Pick them up in an hour, punch a little hole in the corner, tie ’em with a ribbon… and WHAM-O! You’ve got a super-handy, information-packed, easy-to-use guide for getting some of the cutest pictures of your kiddos you’ve ever taken!

Don’t believe me?  Here’s just *one* of the cards included in the set.  Try it out!  There are sixteen more that are JUST as sweet!!!

You know this would make the *perfect* gift for that photography lover in your life, right? : )

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Too fun!!! : )

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