2017 – A Year for the Books!

It is December 31st of 2017. I can barely believe it… and then, somehow, I can totally believe it.

What. A. YEAR!!!

As I think back on this year, the word that comes to mind is abundance. This year was overflowing in dreams, ideas, plans, and, as will inevitably follow… realities. I thought it would be so fun to do a little review of everything that made this year so incredibly special for our family and our business… so buckle up my loves, cause heeeeere we go!!!

January: Planning Day
The day we look at the entire year ahead and make decisions about what paths we’d like to pursue each month.

February: New canvas collections for the studio!
Can’t tell you how much I adore looking at your gorgeous faces all over my walls… <3

March: Florida Beach Sessions
I was honored to photograph so many beautiful families down in the Naples/Marco Island area during spring break. So much beauty…

April: The NAPCP Gallery Event and Atlanta Sessions
The city took my breath away. And these families… there’s SO much charm in the south!!! Not to mention a visit to the NAPCP headquarters!

May: We announced Exposure Photography Coaching!
This quickly became one of the highlights of my year, and we’re so excited to continue it in 2018!!! www.exposurephotographycoaching.com

June: Fort Collins, Colorado Sessions
Multiple travel destinations were a new addition to our business plan this year, and each new spot was so inspiring!!! It was amazing to capture families again this stunning backdrop!

July: Photographer Shootout

Couldn’t love these photographers more… I’m lucky to have them as colleagues but even more so to count them as friend. We had SO much fun out there building portfolios! And YES, we’ll be organizing more of these in 2018… check out all the shootout dates here.

August: Featured in NAPCP’s Inspire Magazine
Whaaaaaa?!?!? Omg what an HONOR!!!!

September: Scouting mission to California!

Yes, you read that right, so mark your calendars!  I’ll be bringing my A-game for sessions with all those sweet San Francisco families next September!

October: Announced 2018 education opportunities!
And they’re going to be amazing. If you love photography on ANY LEVEL, there’s something for you in 2018!!! Check all the options out here!

November: We got a puppy!!!
Yeah… not 100% business related… but seriously is there any way I couldn’t share this little highlight?!? Meet Guinness!!!

December: Shoot Along Monthly Plan Announced!!!
Because we’re always looking for ways to make things better… this year, Shoot Along is available as a full year subscription as well as through a monthly plan. Because we want EVERYONE to have the opportunity to do this amazing project! Go check it out here!!!

Honestly, it was an amazing year at Amy Tripple Photography, and the backbone of it was… as it always has been… YOU. Every single session we did together has a place in my heart, and Jonathan and I want to say thank you for your business, support, and straight-up fabulousness this year!

As a fun little treat, we went through every single session and pulled a shot that especially made me smile… life is just so beautiful.



Thank you all for a TRULY AMAZING 2017… see you on the flip side my loves!!!









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  • Beth MallettJanuary 4, 2018 - 6:17 pm

    Gasp!!!  I get to be the first to comment!!  I looked at every single one you know.  Twice to be sure.  It’s wrong to play favorites, but I love that when a collection is already so lovely and wholehearted to begin with, the ones that tug your heartstrings let you know what those strings are made of.  My top five are made of branches and leaves or flower wreaths, eye contact and genuine smiles between loved ones, and a little extra quirk or sparkle for good measure. When those come together and you’re behind the camera, it’s pure magic Amy!  Here’s to an abundant 2017 and looking forward to an even more amazing 2018! :)ReplyCancel

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