2018 Changes and Our Beautiful Melissa…

Can you believe the holidays are here… again… already?!? As we come to the end of this amazing year, we’ve begun making plans for 2018, and are looking forward to a few changes to our little company. One of these changes will be to downsize my photo session volume a bit to make room for some upcoming teaching opportunities. Now don’t worry… there will still be plenty of sessions… but there will also be some new and exciting learning adventures for those interested in taking their photography to the next level.  :)

With a lighter client workflow, however, we’ve made the decision to cut back on our behind-the-scenes administrative help, which means we’ll be saying goodbye to our beautiful and amazing Melissa. I will tell you… there was nothing easy about that decision because we love her so!!!

As you all know and have most likely experienced, Melissa has been the organizational backbone of Amy Tripple Photography for over two years, and she’s done an incredible job of keeping the backend of our business running smoothly. While the job of an administrative assistant may appear to be fairly straightforward, however, there’s been so much more to her particular job than anyone would have ever guessed.

Melissa has been…

the sounding board for hundreds of ideas,
the album-builder,
the humor behind our Instagram feed,
the sunset tracker,
the package sender,
the Tripple kid school picker-upper,
the bunny babysitter,
the to-do list tracker,
my go-to advisor for client wardrobe suggestions,
the last-minute model,
the canvas-checker,
the phone-call returner,

and, most importantly

the gentle, sane voice telling me to make tea and light a candle every time I’ve needed to hear it…

She’s done her job with grace, style, and so much professionalism… and we will miss her more than words! <3

Also… Melissa will be HAVING A BABY this February, so you certainly will be seeing her and her beautiful little family pop up on the blog here and there. Warning: this child will most likely be over-photographed from now until he graduates from high school. I simply cannot WAIT for his arrival!!!! <3 We’re already off to a good start… check out this beautiful girl, her amazing husband, and that gorgeous bump:

Melissa… you are amazing and we will miss you SO VERY MUCH!!!






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