Photography Mentoring

Take your photography skills to a whole new level!

With one-on-one photography sessions, you can focus on the areas that matter most to you.

Photography mentoring isn't limited to any particular topic or skill.
Nothing photography related is off limits!

Areas of focus could include (but are not limited to):

  • Finding beautiful light in any situation.
  • Creating background blur.
  • Nailing specific focus every time.
  • Understanding the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.
  • Interacting with subjects for authentic expressions.
  • Editing in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (color correction, use of actions, smoothing skin, how to make your images *pop*, etc.)
  • Equipment recommendations.
  • Starting and running a photography business.

Photography mentoring is $150 per hour.

Want to work with a model? No problem at all.

To include a model, you must have a minimum 2-hour session.
Models are $50 in addition to your hourly fee.

Want to include a few friends?

2 or more participants are $100 each person per hour.

Ready to schedule, or have some questions to discuss?

Check out our FAQs below, or complete this form and we'll be in touch!


Some frequently asked questions:

Do I have to be a professional to schedule a mentoring session?

Not at all.  Mentees have ranged from full-time professionals to those who have just recently purchased their DSLR and want to use it to its full potential.  We enjoy working with those on every level... we all start somewhere!

I struggle to get good focus.  Can you help me with that?

YES!  Tack-sharp focus is the name of my game.  We have very specific techniques that we use to accomplish great focus, and it is all in-camera (versus trying to "fix" it in Photoshop later).

I just want to get beautiful background blur... can you show me how to do that?

Most definitely.  That is the number one reason that many of us dive into the world of DSLRs... and it is one of the most important pieces of what you'll learn if you haven't conquered background blur yet!

Can you come to my house to show me where the best light is?

You bet! Depending on how far your home is from our studio, there may be an additional travel fee, but this is one of the best ways to make the most out of your mentoring session.  We will walk through your house with a photographer's perspective and show you which spots to use to photograph your children (and why!).  Hint… schedule 2 hours and add your kids as models! :)

Can we talk about getting my photography business off the ground?

I LOVE talking business.  We started Amy Tripple Photography seven years ago and we have so many experiences and suggestions that we can relate to your business.  We'll share what we believe made our business successful, as well mistakes we made and what we learned from them.  So yes... we will talk about how to get your business up and running!

Do I have to live a certain distance from you so that we're not competitors?

No.  We choose to look at other photographers collaboratively.   We've found that this approach is key to success in this market, and we are therefore more than happy to work with other photographers, near or far.

How many hours of mentoring should I schedule?

Each hour of our time together is packed with information and help.  If you're only able to schedule one hour, rest assured that you will walk away with specific knowledge to take your photography to a new level.  For those who can schedule two or more hours, adding a model to your session will give you the fullest mentoring experience.  Those who come from out-of-town often choose to schedule at least five hours in order to make the most of their trip.  For mentees who schedule five hours or more, a break for lunch at one of our charming local restaurants is scheduled.  Lunch is always on us for full-day mentoring sessions!

Should I have a model come for our mentoring session?

Having a model (or models) for hands-on practice is one of the best ways to guarantee that you're truly understanding what you're learning.  We can recruit virtually any age and/or combination of models to help you with your specific needs.  We add a $50 modeling fee to your mentoring session in order to provide the modeling family with images as compensation for their time.

Can we talk about editing with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements?

Many of our mentoring sessions are focused on editing.  In digital photography, knowing how to use your editing software is just as important as knowing how to use your camera, and we've been teaching photo editing techniques for years.  We can cover any of your Photoshop questions, from the basics to more advanced skills.  Photoshop Elements is fine, too!

Can you recommend what camera body / lens upgrades I should make?

Absolutely.  we'll share our thoughts on what lens and/or camera body upgrades would be best in your specific situation.

Do you do online / phone mentoring?

Yes, and it's a favorite for busy and/or out-of-town mentees.  We can use the phone, Skype, or to communicate.  A favorite time for this kind of mentoring is 8 p.m... after your kiddos are in bed! ;)

Will you review my pictures and give me constructive criticism?

Critique is one of the most powerful teaching/learning tools and we love to use it in mentoring!  Photographers will often send me a link to their online portfolio ahead of our mentoring session so that we can have some thoughts ready in advance.  Others will bring along an iPad with some favorite shots and we can view and discuss them together.

Is there anything you won't share with me or talk about during our mentoring session?

Nope. : )

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, and many decide to purchase them for their birthdays and/or special occasions. A mentoring gift certificate also makes a great "add-on" to a DSLR purchase.